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Do you Know Zinc Chrome Yellow?

Jun. 21, 2021

As a China Pigment Manufacturers, share with you.

After the industrial production of lead chrome yellow, researchers focused on the preparation of chromates of other metals. For example, in 1847, Scottish chemist Murdock made zinc chrome yellow. Clarke applied for a patent for the invention of zinc chrome yellow in 1853. At the end of the 19th century, the industrial production of strontium chrome yellow appeared again as a paint for fine arts. Later, barium chromate and calcium chromate came out one after another.

Zinc Chrome Yellow

Zinc Chrome Yellow

The chemical composition of zinc chrome yellow has not been determined at the beginning. Because zinc chromate (ZnCrO4) has a large solubility, it cannot be used as a pigment alone. It must be made into a basic salt or a composite salt with potassium chromate to have a pigment. Nature. Due to the difference in the ratio of raw materials and the preparation method, zinc chrome yellow pigments with different chemical components can be prepared. In 1937, Brizzolara determined that the molecular formula of zinc chrome yellow was 4ZnO·K2O·4CrO3·3H2O. By 1944, Tarr, Darrin and Tubbs prepared pure zinc chrome yellow crystals from experimental work, confirming that the above molecular inferences were correct of. However, as mentioned above, zinc chrome yellow can have a series of different chemical components, and the composition varies between 4ZnO·CrO3·3H2O and 4ZnO·4CrO3·K2O·3H2O. The main component of zinc chrome yellow is zinc chromate, and it is customary to use the content of chromium trioxide (CrO3) as the main indicator. Generally, the content of CrO3 in zinc chrome yellow is 35 ~ 45%.

Another kind of basic zinc chrome yellow, without potassium chromate, the content of chromium trioxide is about 17%, the molecular formula is 5ZnO·CrO3·4H2O, also known as tetrabasic zinc chrome yellow, mainly used for anti-rust primer , Phosphating primer.

During the Second World War, the need to paint weapons increased dramatically. Zinc yellow primer was listed as an important military paint. At that time, the American Bakelite company designed a phosphating primer for military use. This primer The formula was published in 1946. The primer is divided into two components. The first component is a grinding slurry of tetrabasic zinc yellow and polyvinyl butyral, and the second component is a solution of phosphoric acid and alcohol. Mix the two in a certain proportion before construction. Components, and then paint.

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