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Chrome Pigment (Pigmentos de Cromo)

Chrome Pigment

Chrome Pigment is mainly derived from lead compounds and has a series of characteristics, such as high color strength, high solubility, highly concentrated and non-reactive Chrome Pigment, suitable for paint and coatings, inks, plastics, rubber, detergents and soaps and other applications. Ceramics and polishing agents.

terms of Chrome Pigment

In terms of product segmentation, the Chrome Pigment market can be divided into light yellow Chrome Pigment, middle Chrome Pigment, Chrome Oxide Green, lemon Chrome Pigment and Orange Chrome Yellow. Each of these Chrome Pigments has multiple applications based on its characteristics.

Chrome Pigment in nail polish

The scope of application of our nail polish is also relatively wide

The client applies it on the sticky gel nail polish and then brushes it down until it gets a Chrome-plated, mirror-like effect. The trend of Chrome-plated nails has always been popular, and although most nail technicians have tried this technique, not everyone uses the product correctly.

For Chrome Pigment, less is more, and a little more is the way to go. When applying it on your nails, please polish it sparsely and firmly until it achieves a mirror-like gloss effect, instead of applying it like typical paint or glitter. When you start to get the look you want, rotate your applicator or brush to the clean side and polish it for a while. If Chrome Pigment is too thick, shiny particles will remain. This excessive product may prevent complete curing, which may be the cause of its chipping or peeling. Use a soft, fluffy brush (such as a makeup brush) to remove excess dust. You can also use our nail polish to create interesting chameleon eyes and neon glow in dark nails!

pay attention

Always remember that it is recommended to wear goggles, gloves and masks when using Chrome Pigment, and wash your hands thoroughly after application to avoid eye irritation, inhalation of the eyes and possible skin irritation.

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