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Do you Know the Pigment Properties of Deep Chrome Yellow?

May. 31, 2021

Chrome yellow is a commonly used pigment. Many people will be affected by the intensity of the color when they paint. What is the reason for this? As a Pigment Powder Manufacturer, share with you.

Deep Chrome Yellow

Deep Chrome Yellow

Pigments with the same chemical composition have different technical paths, so it is difficult to share the same color and light. Even the same technical path, due to different materials, equipment, technical levels, etc., will constitute a different color and light. This is because the production of pigments is attributed to the precision chemical industry. Of course, the color light depends on the chemical composition, and the more important and often effective factors are its physical properties, such as the size of the pigment particles, the crystal phase, the crystal shape, the participation of impurities, and so on.

Because the appearance of colors is affected by the shining, reflection, and refraction of light. Different particle shapes will inevitably affect its color and light. It is a very messy question to insist that the same pigment color and light are shared. In order to get a very good product, there are so many factors that affect the color and light of the same pigment. This requires us to strictly require every detail in the production process. Even if this detail seems irrelevant, it is probably because this detail constitutes the product. Shade error.

Dark chrome yellow

1. Pigment performance

Deep chrome yellow is a red light and deep yellow pigment with high hiding power, tinting power, weather resistance and heat resistance. It is insoluble in water and oil, but easily soluble in strong inorganic acid and excessive alkali solution. Dark chrome yellow has excellent hiding power in paints and excellent temperature resistance in plastics. Hongrun pigments have good dispersibility and fluidity in inks.

2. Main purpose

Dark chrome yellow is widely used in the coloring of products such as manufacturing coatings, paints, and inks.

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