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What are the Properties of Middle Chrome Yellow?

Apr. 29, 2021

As a China Pigment Manufacturers, share with you.

The medium chrome yellow is bright in color and has strong tinting power; it has low density and is non-toxic, but the light resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance and migration resistance of some varieties are often inferior to inorganic pigments. The variety of colors is endless and colorful, but there are certain internal connections between various colors. Each color can be determined by three parameters, namely hue, lightness and saturation.

Middle Chrome Yellow

Middle Chrome Yellow

Hue is a feature that distinguishes black from each other. It is determined by the chromatographic composition of the light source and the perception of each wavelength emitted by the surface of the object to the human eye. It can distinguish features such as red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Brightness, also called brightness, represents a characteristic value that indicates changes in the degree of darkness outside the object; by comparing the brightness of various colors, the color can be divided into lightness and darkness.

Saturation, also known as chroma, represents the characteristic value of the intensity of the color on the surface of an object, which makes the color different from vividness and darkness. Hue, lightness, and saturation constitute a three-dimensional, using these three to establish a scale, you can use numbers to measure color. The colors of nature are ever-changing, but the three basic ones, red, yellow, and blue, are called primary colors.

It is also known as the pigment whose main component is lead chromate. Its chemical composition is PbCrO4 content of about 90%~94%. The appearance is light red yellow powder, monoclinic crystal form, and the density is 5.16.0g/cm3. 1327g/100g has excellent color bleeding resistance, medium chrome yellow covering power is between light chrome yellow and dark chrome yellow, brightness is equal to light chrome yellow, better than dark chrome yellow, acid resistance is equal to light chrome yellow, better than dark chrome Yellow, poor alkali resistance, good dispersibility. Medium chrome yellow is made of nitrates such as lead nitrate and chromate such as sodium dichromate as raw materials, and various reaction conditions are strictly controlled to form stable monoclinic crystal particles, which are filtered, dried and crushed. Mainly used in coatings, especially road marking coatings, inks and plastics.

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